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LPG for Industrial

Where efficiency and savings go hand in hand.

LPG For Industrial Purpose

Do you run a manufacturing facility? Or one that serves a customer base spread across cities and states? Whatever the scale of your operations, we understand that your energy requirements extend beyond regular consumption. For these unique requirements of yours, we have equally impressive solutions to offer.

A smart fuel for a sustainable industry—LPG is a highly efficient energy source that is safe and saves on fuel and maintenance costs. The final product you get is of greater uniformity and quality than conventional fuels. All this, combined with Jyothis Gas’s prompt and reliable services, is an upgrade worth investing in.


We currently possess 3 types of cylinders: VOT (Vapour Off Take), LOT (Liquid Off Take) & Maxima cylinders (450 kg).

LPG has been proved to be efficient and economical in these applications. LPG can be used in many applications in the industrial sector namely in space- and process-heating, powering industrial ovens, production of food, kilns, furnaces, production of packing material as well as in powering forklift trucks in warehouses. It is one of the best choices of energy in this particular industry.

Expect to receive high savings in terms of cost, nil maintenance, and no soot formation. With high heat transfer efficiency, increase of production rate, nil down time of production—these are some of the common advantages of using LPG for industries. Once you convert to LPG from Jyothi Gas, you will be getting undaunted support and uninterrupted supply thereby increasing productivity.

Depending on the space and consumption there are two types of installations:
1. Cylinder manifold installation (consumption up to < 100 MT/Month)
2. Bulk installation (consumption more than 100 MT/Month)

Year after year, we continue to set new benchmarks
in the LPG industry and provide great value to our customers.