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LPG for Commerical

Effortless cooking experience now comes in handy.

LPG For Commerical Purpose

What’s common between a cosy little café on the corner street, a vibrant restaurant in a premium location and a bakery that bakes the best cakes in town? The aroma of good food.

Whether you’re seating one or one hundred, we’ve got you covered.

Local cuisine, exotic delicacies or continental fusion – whatever graces the palette of your menu, LPG is undoubtedly the best cooking fuel for all. And that’s not all there is to it. With Jyothi Gas, expect quick and hassle-free service. Our trusted partnership is meant to help you upscale. After all, we share a part of the joy you feel when we see a happy customer.


For Commercial use there are 17kg and 33kg cylinders. In a commercial establishment like a hotel or cafe, 17kg is more preferred than the 33kg because of it being lightweight & easy to handle. However for higher LPG volume, 33kg is preferred considering the changeover for refills.

Our Corporate offices will assist you for your requirement and see to that your requirements are fulfilled as per your need.

Please use the “Dealer Network” of our website to locate the address nearest to your location. Please check on the feature frequently as we are expanding our network rapidly and more areas will be added periodically. Also you can call customer care number 080-43404040.

Jyothi Gas ensures uninterrupted supplies to its customers through its network of distributor/dealers which is supported by a dedicated logistics team. You can be rest assured that with our superior infrastructure and operations team, we are assuring the reliability of our network for your requirements.

Year after year, we continue to set new benchmarks
in the LPG industry and provide great value to our customers.