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A 29-year Veteran of the LPG Industry

Regarded as one of the pioneers, Jyothi Gas has stood out to be one of the best private LPG gas company in Southern India. We ensure to provide unmatched services and innovative solutions as per the needs of our customers. With a glorious legacy of almost three decades, we continue to expand our footprints while serving a number of happy consumers all across Bangalore.

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A Venture That Will Hone Your Entrepreneurial Spirit.

At Jyothi Gas, we provide energy solutions for a better, safer and cleaner tomorrow. Making a mark for ourselves, we have transformed the LPG sector across customer segments; including, industrial, commercial and domestic LPG in South India.

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Your Partner for Sustainable
and Efficient LPG Energy Solutions.

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With an ever-growing network of franchisees, we invite you with a budding entrepreneurial spirit.

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About Jyothi Gas

Welcome To The World Of Jyothi – Bringing Light To Your Life

The world of energy is filled with diverse solutions for diverse needs. We create value for you by leveraging innovative technology. With Jyothi Gas, you can fuel kitchens, industries, and commercial communities, all while complying with international safety standards.


As one of the leading LPG gas companies in South India, we are committed to delivering the highest quality possible. We combine decades of expertise with our motto of quality and quantity to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Founded in the post liberalisation era, in 1994, Jyothi Gas set itself the goal of providing excellent service in the private sector LPG bottling and distribution field. Over the past 29 years, we have moved in this direction steadily, and a reflection of this effort is the customer base of more than 2 lakhs in all parts of Karnataka.

It goes without saying that there are a variety of benefits, such as reduced climate change impacts, reduced air pollution, and improved health. By offering LPG in a sustainable manner, we aim at providing efficient energy solutions in harmony with the planet, people & future generations.

Composite Cylinders

Innovations That Transform the Way of Life

With over 29 years of experience setting the benchmark in LPG in Karnataka, we now bring this expertise to Composite Cylinders. Each cylinder is proven to be explosion-proof when tested according to fire testing standards. The weight of these cylinders is less than half that of conventional steel cylinders. Furthermore, they are significantly more durable and are built to resist corrosion.

We at Jyothi Gas have been devoted to health and safety for many years, and this inspiration has inspired us to continue. This is why each of our cylinders is tested rigorously by ISO, PESO, and CRICIL-certified plants.

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Maximum Delivery Charges of Rs. 100/- on domestic Cylinder for home delivery.

Price for LPG

*With Effective from 04/07/2024

Product Price
LPG 5.5 KGsRs. 508.00
LPG 12KgsRs. 957.00
LPG 15KgsRs. 1393.00
LPG 17KgsRs. 1597.00
LPG 33Kgs (LOT)Rs. 3228.00
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Innovating Products, Creating Impact

Making an impact by bringing convenience, accessibility, affordability
that adds value to everyday life with quality & innovative LPG products.


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We Are Just A Call Away From All Your LPG requirements.

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Select a product to start a quote. Or call us at 91-80-43404040

Select a product to start a quote. Or call us at 91-80-43404040

Select a product to start a quote. Or call us at 91-80-43404040

Select a product to start a quote. Or call us at 91-80-43404040

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Year after year, we continue to set new benchmarks
in the LPG industry and provide great value to our customers.