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Composite Cylinder

Composite Cylinder

With over 29 years of experience setting the benchmark in LPG in Karnataka, we now bring this expertise to Composite Cylinders. Each cylinder is proven to be explosion-proof when tested according to fire testing standards. The weight of these cylinders is less than half that of conventional steel cylinders. Furthermore, they are significantly more durable and are built to resist corrosion.

We at Jyothi Gas have been devoted to health and safety for many years, and this inspiration has inspired us to continue. This is why each of our cylinders is tested rigorously by ISO, PESO, and CRICIL-certified plants.


  • S - Safe
  • M - Modern
  • A - Aesthetic look
  • R - Rust Proof
  • T - Translucent

Salient features of Jyothi Gas Smart Cylinder are

  • Non Explosive
  • Light Weight
  • Non Corrosive
  • Resistant to UV, impact and environmental conditions
  • Colourful outer casing
  • Value for money

Technical specification of Smart cylinder.

The inner layer consists of a blow moulded HDPE liner which serves as the seamless gas barrier layer. An injection moulded HDPE boss with a brass insert is welded on the liner for mounting the valve onto the cylinder. The insert can be made suitable to house a safety valve having either tapered or parallel threads.

The liner is then reinforced by winding glass fibres impregnated with epoxy resin in specific configurations, which is cured after winding, to produce the solid finished part. This layer has an extremely strong strength-to-weight ratio and takes up the forces of internal pressure.

Upon specific request from the customer, the liner can be painted with UV paint and further cured in the oven. The liner is then housed in a distinctively designed, injection moulded outer casing, which protects the pressure vessel and valve. The ergonomic handle allows easy lifting and is built for stacking.


A lightweight and high-pressure three-layer cylinder, Composite cylinders are made up of a blow-moulded HDPE inner liner, covered with a composite layer of polymer-wrapped fibreglass and fitted with a HDPE outer jacket.

Jyothi Gas’ latest offering, composite cylinders are presently available at select distributors in and around Bangalore, Karnataka.

Composite cylinders offer several advantages over traditional cylinders. They are lightweight, which makes them easier to handle and transport. They are also corrosion-resistant, which makes them more durable and longer-lasting. They also have a higher gas storage capacity and can withstand higher pressures.

Yes, our customers can easily replace their existing steel cylinder with the state-of-the-art composite cylinder by paying the difference in security deposit.

Yes, the composite cylinder will be delivered to your home just like the existing gas cylinder through Jyothi Gas distributors.

Yes. To avail a new connection just fill up the enquiry form and our customer service executive will contact you with more details. The customer service executives will arrange a new connection to be delivered to your doorstep subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions for the new connection.

Year after year, we continue to set new benchmarks
in the LPG industry and provide great value to our customers.